Windows Live Mail has an export option that allows you to export your emails to another Outlook application. You can modify the process slightly if you need to export emails to Outlook applications that are on a different computer. Be sure to close all Outlook applications while you export Windows Live Mail data. This could slow down the process. This is the complete procedure. Open Windows Live Mail and click Save in the menu bar. Select Export Email and then choose Email Messages. Click Next on the first choice 'Microsoft Exchange. It will send a message indicating that it will export Windows Live Mail to Microsoft Outlook or Microsoft Exchange. Select the folders you wish to export. Click OK. Select Outlook profile, then click OK. You can track the progress of the export process and see when it is completed. An email will inform you that the Export process has been completed successfully. You can then check the Outlook folder. Check the PST files in your Outlook account. You will need to move the PST files to a new computer manually. Next, import the PST file to Outlook on another account. This is how it works. Open Outlook and click the File option. Click on Open & Export to choose Import/Export Click Next, select 'Import From Another Program or File'. Select Outlook Data File (PST), and then click Next. Browse the PST file, and import it to your account. Select the file you wish to import, add subfolders, and click on the Finish button. Final, verify the contents of the PST file. It's a lengthy process that requires your attention at every step to ensure the successful migration of data.
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